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Restoring an historic Fenland navigation as a Waterway for all

Project Hereward, first launched by the East Anglian Waterways Association in 1993
has empowered significant improvements to navigation on the Fenland waterways.

Project Hereward's New Dawn, a partnership between EAWA and Peterborough branch of the IWA  is a renewed campaign to re-open the vital Middle Level southern navigation link from the
River Nene to the Great Ouse
via the Forty Foot River through Horseway Lock and Welches Dam.

Although a Statutory Navigation the Forty Foot is presently un-navigable for over 3 kilometres,
through water leakage, and Welches Dam Lock has been sealed by the Environment Agency.

Meet the Project Hereward  Team  . . . . . . . 

Roger Sexton
Roger Sexton

Tel:  07759 045855

I lived beside the old course of the river Nene at March during my early years and I followed the exploits of my uncle and cousins who boated and fished locally. Whilst at March Grammar School, l had a holiday job with the Middle Level Commissioners assisting with survey work for the forthcoming up-grading of their system. This created a life long interest in the Fenland Drainage schemes.
Reaching my early 20s, I built my first craft, a 20ft marine ply cruiser, from this I graduated to a 40ft narrowboat hull. This I completed and fitted out with fellow boating enthusiasts.
My involvement with navigation evolved with me becoming a founder member of Well Creek Trust, IWA Membership and Office and currently chairing the East Anglian Waterways Association. I currently am involved in various Environment Agency committee activities. I am now retired from a career in agriculture and now spend my spare times managing family property.

Roger Green
Roger Green

Tel:  01480 890215

I have had a keen interest in inland waterways since childhood when we lived near Marple and Bugsworth basin. At college I spent time on a project studying the engineering and recreational use of our canals. As a teacher, I organised narrowboat holidays for young people on the Great Ouse.
We now have our own narrowboat, fitted out from a shell which we use to cruise the canal and river systems for several trips each year. I feel strongly that we should do all we can to protect the navigational legacy for the use of all those who will benefit from our waterways in the future.

Stephen Heywood
Stephen Heywood

Tel:  01366 324470

My interest in the waterways stemmed from school, where I was regularly involved in working parties clearing out and restoring the Kennet and Avon canal, along the Limpley Stoke valley. I then regularly took holidays on hire boats around the system. After being diverted for some years into sailing, which included RORC races around the South Coast and the Fastnet, I reverted back to the inland waterways in 2005. I was working with ABF Foods in Peterborough, but living in London, so took the opportunity to acquire a narrowboat and live on it during the week. I also used it for pleasure at weekends and holidays, particularly around the Great Ouse/Middle Levels and the Nene. Now living in Nordelph, with the boat moored outside the house on Well Creek. I am married with two children and a very lively dog (Vizsla), which more than gives me all the exercise I need! I've spent 30+ years in industry with primarily food and chemical plants. My experience has mainly been in procurement and contract management. I have been involved in numerous construction projects worldwide. I am now semi-retired and involved with the Peterborough Branch of IWA.

John Hodgson
John Hodgson

Tel:  01234 344844

I have been boating on the River Great Ouse with the same boat, Otter's Way, a Freeman 28, for 30 years in October 2014. 

For almost all that time I have been a member of the EAWA, GOBA and IWA. 

Currently I am a member of the Council of the EAWA, as you know, Secretary of the Great Ouse Branch of the IWA since 2005 and a Committee member of the GOBA for approaching 25 years and Chairman from 2001 to 2004.

In a previous life I was, for many years, a facilities Manager in the NHS and an engineer by profession.

David Mercer
David Mercer

Tel:   01480 466877
I am a keen leisure boater and have a motor-cruiser on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire. I live in the riverside village of Hemingford Grey and have spent many years exploring this beautiful river and enjoying its tranquility and nature. I take a particular interest in the history and development of recreational navigation on the Fenland rivers and have amassed a rather too large collection of books and other documents on that subject. Now retired from my occupation as a valuer, I hope that some additional free time will afford the opportunity to further enhance my interest in the region's waterways. I have been an active volunteer committee member of several boating organisations and now serve as company secretary of the East Anglian Waterways Association Ltd. and I look forward to working with others to ensure that these unique waterways and their natural environment are conserved for future generations, whilst encouraging full use for recreation and never forgetting their vital role in flood protection. I believe that the best outcomes for our region's waterways will be achieved by making use of voluntary effort and partnerships, utilising the vast array of local knowledge and expertise available. Roger Mungham
Roger Mungham

Tel:  01945 773002
At present, I am treasurer of Peterborough Branch IWA and Well Creek Trust, committee member at Middle Level Watermen's Club and a member of GOBA, and have a been a member of all since 1984.
I worked on IWA national festival sites for 6 years in the 1990s.

I finished the last 5 years of my working life with the Environment Agency as river inspector on the Great Ouse.

I have been a boat owner since 1976 and at present have 56 foot narrowboat which I fitted out my self.

Andrew Storrar
Andrew Storrar
Technical Lead

Tel:   01778 570610

I am the former Principal of Andrew Storrar & Associates, Consulting Engineers, and Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. I am an expert in Design for Economic Manufacture. 

My professional work has included waterway projects, such as being the mechanical engineering consultant to the Preston Dock Development. I have been a member of the Inland Waterways Association for over 40 years and have a great passion for waterways and their restoration. I have worked as a volunteer over a long period on the restoration of canals and rivers, both on the Mainland and in Northern Ireland.
I bring both enthusiasm and engineering expertise to the successful accomplishment of 'Project Hereward'.

David Venn
David Venn

Tel:  01366 324102
I own and fitted-out my own Narrowboat, originally cruised on the River Wey and Basingstoke Canal and is currently moored on the Middle Level. I have, in the past, helped to crew and maintain working narrowboats. I have and remain a member of various water groups being active at some stage in all of them.

My roles have varied from organising various social and boat gatherings, health and safety, to chairman.

In my professional life I have served for 32 years in the fire service. My responsibilities included public safety at major events, and the planning of such. Producing risk assessments, accident, and health and safety investigations
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters

Tel:  07785 787875
I spent 24 years in the RAF Engineering Wing, servicing and maintaining Life Support Equipment and Air-Sea Rescue Equipment. After leaving the air force, I went into business making pine furniture and sheds until 10 years ago. I now work part-time in home finance.

My boating experience started on the Norfolk Broads at Horning in 1976, where I helped for 7 years. "turn around" hire boats at weekends.

Latterly, I was Commodore of the Middle Level Watermen's Club from 2008 - 2012. Also I was instrumental in achieving the construction of the moorings in Benwick, which included engaging the villager's interest and getting funding which has been very successful. Recently I have project managed the new club moorings at Skoulding's Rest in March.
Hereward the Wake
Can you assist Project Hereward ?

With your support we will re-open this
historic waterway for all users.

The project relies on voluntary effort.

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